20 Minute KB Cardio Crusher

If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling a little bloated and sluggish need of some serious calorie burning after these last two days of feasting! ..

.. here is a simple – but highly effective! – kettlebell workout you can do in about 20 minutes.

It will burn a lot of calories, and fire up your metabolism for the rest of the weekend:


20 Minute KB Cardio Crusher

Do 3 rounds, resting as needed between moves, but going as fast as you can:

– 10 one arm KB swings per side
– 5 KB clean and press per side
– 5 KB snatch per side
– 10 KB goblet squat
– 1 KB get up per side

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Workouts like this are SO AWESOME – because you can do them any time time, any place, with just a single KB and a small amount of space.

(I’m planning on doing just myself that with this one over the weekend!)


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