(video) KB / BW 5 Minute Challenge Workout

Here is a quick, fun challenge to try.

You can do this at the end of today’s session, or even as a quick stand-alone full-body blaster if you’re pressed for time:

KB / BW 5 Minute Challenge Workout

— Set your timer for 5 minutes
— Start by performing 1 KB clean and press on the left side, and KB one clean and press on the right side
— Follow this immediately with one double burpee (double burpee = burpee with TWO push ups)
— Without resting, go immediately into TWO clean and presses on each side, and two double burpees … followed by three clean and presses on each side, and three double burpees, etc …
— “Climb the ladder” and get as high as you can in 5 minutes!

Check out the video here:


We’re kicking off “Foundations week” for our upcoming 42 Day KB Shred Challenge TODAY.

This is a program specifically for folks who:

— Like the idea of high – intensity training, but haven’t worked out for a while, and want to start slow.
— Want some extra time to focus in and learn proper technique.
— Are coming back from an injury, and want to make sure they start things on the right track.

I would be working with you closely, coaching you through a special one week training plan, helping you get ready for our upcoming 42 Day KB Shred Challenge, starting the next week.

We’d be working on the foundational KB moves, help you to refine your form, and build your base of fitness.

You can still get in, but you’ll need to submit an app ASAP:


Hope to hear from ya 🙂

And to your success! –

– Forest Vance, MS
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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