April 2019 42 Day Kettlebell Challenge – Sample Workout

We are officially starting our April 2019 42 Day Kettlebell Challenge this coming Monday, April 15th.

I am excited to be working with a new group!

(There is still time to get in if you are interested – info at the bottom of this post.)

For one, it’s my 38th birthday this coming Tuesday the 16th. I was 14 years old when I started lifting weights. So this will mark my 25th year in the strength game!

Also, the energy and enthusiasm in the first week of a new Challenge is so great.

So if you want to get in and haven’t yet, I encourage you to submit an application – info at the bottom of this message.

All this said, I wanted to share a sample workout from the program with you.

This sample does not include many of the things that make these Challenges unique:

Accountability – you post every time in our private group when you complete a workout – this is SUCH a key element that is missing from so many online programs
New workouts – we give you a fresh new workout plan every week for the 42 days – following a similar “theme”, so that you can work on similar movements and continue to get better, but also so that you never repeat the exact same workout twice
Feedback – post your questions, your victories, your losses – anything to the group, and we will be there to coach and motivate and bring you along the way
Focus – having a 42 day period where you are zeroed in on a specific goal is POWERFUL for breakthrus in all areas of life!
Group dynamic – you’ll have a cohort of folks doing the exact same Challenge with you at the exact same time – which keeps you movtivated and on track

BUT – it gives you an idea of what to expect:


KB Shred – Sample Workout
*video demo links included in full program


Do each exercise at a medium pace for 30 seconds. No rest between movements. Do 3 rounds total:

— Prisoner Lunges w/ twist
— Shoulder Pass Throughs (can be done with a broom, jump rope or resistance band held taught)
— Good Mornings


Do 4 rounds of the following:

— 10 Double KB Deadlifts (recommended weight: 16-20K women, 24-32K Men)
— 10 Kettlebell jump squats
— 8 KB Pushups
— 6 Long Jump Burpee Shuffle:
— 5/ea Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press (recommended weights:8-12K women, 16-20K Men)

FINISHER: Do 3 rounds of the following moves for 40 seconds per exercise. Take 10 seconds to transition to the next exercise. Rest 45 seconds between rounds:

— Lateral Jump High Knees
— Bear Plank Sit Through
— Split Shuffle
— Plank with Hip Twist


Perform each move for 30 seconds, 2 rounds:

— Butterfly Stretch
— Bird Dog
— Thoracic Prone Rotation


Want to join us for our April 2019 42 Day Kettlebell Challenge?

IMPORTANT – in my last email, I sent a direct link to the sign up page as an experiment.

Typically, we get applications from everyone and review them to make sure each participant is a great fit, based on their current goals, fitness level, etc.

We always get hundreds of applications, and as you can imagine, it’s a lot of work to go through them!

We decided to try skipping that part of the process, and letting people “self-select”, so to speak.

That was our mistake, and I apologize.

Though it’s time-consuming, it’s also critical.

Because we want to know a little about you and your goals and make sure the Challenge is a good fit, before just throwing you in the fire.

So if you want to join for this upcoming program, please submit your application at the link below:

KB Shred – 42 Day Challenge – submit your application here

We will personally review your app and get back to you on next steps, as to if the Challenge is a fit, and how to sign up.

I look forward to hearing from you!

– Forest Vance, MS
Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor

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