300 KB Challenge Workout

Did you ever see the movie 300?

Gerard Butler and the rest of the cast were RIPPED:

One of the workouts – written by Mark Twight, their trainer – circled around the internet and gained some popularity after the move came out.

It’s a 300 rep, fast-paced, metabolic-conditioning style session that includes both barbell work and some bodyweight / gymnastics moves.

I think it actually played a role in popularizing this style of training, around 10 or 12 years ago.

If YOU want to get ripped like the cast of 300, I have a 300 rep kettlebel and bodyweight workout for you to try that’s done in the style of the original … but all you need to do it is a single kettlebell and your own bodyweight.

Check it out below.

And if you like the workout, stay tuned for our upcoming 6 week “300 KB Challenge” program – we’ll be accepting applications starting tomorrow:


300 Kettlebell Challenge Workout

Suggested KB weight: 12k/16k (women), 20k/24k (men)

– 5 1 arm KB press (per side)
– 10 1 arm KB swing (per side)
– 10 KB goblet split squat (per side)
– 10 burpees

5 rounds for time





And powerful.

Just like the original “300” workout, but with a kettlebell twist.

Thank you Mark Twight for the inspiration!

And stay tuned if you want in on our upcoming 6 week 300 Kettlebell Challenge. We’ll be using lots more workouts like this to get you lean, jacked, and ready for summer. Application period opens tomorrow.

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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