Monster KB/BW Interval Circuit

I am gearing up for a charity event we are putting on at one of our PT studios this morning.

We are going to combine a boot camp workout with an adoption event for the Sacramento SPCA.

So people come and do a kettlebell boot camp, and then the SPCA is coming out and bringing some of their dogs and cats to our studio for people to interact and play with after the workout.

It should be a lot of fun and we are anticipating a big turn out, really looking forward to it.

One of the things we want to do at these type of events is make sure to have a fun but also effective workout, so people can really feel the fat-burning and lean-muscle-building power, and not only adopt an animal, but also maybe come back for another workout!

So I was looking through my favorite library of workouts this morning to come up with some ideas.

And I came across this one from my friend Mike Whitfield’s Workout Finishers program:

Monster KB/BW Interval Circuit

Do the following circuit ONE time, resting as shown:

– Stability Ball Jackknife Pushups (50 secs), rest 10 secs
– KB Goblet Squat (50 secs), rest 10 secs
– Ab Wheel or Stability Ball Rollout (50 secs), rest 10 secs
– Bulgarian Split Squat (Left Side) (50 secs), rest 10 secs
– Bulgarian Split Squat (Right Side) (50 secs), rest 10 secs
– Close-Grip 3/4th Rep Pushups (50 secs), rest 10 secs
– Jumping Jacks (50 secs), rest 10 secs)
– X-Body Mountain Climber (50 secs, rest 10 secs)
– Bench Vault (50 secs), rest 10 secs
– Pushup Plank (50 secs), rest 10 secs
– Split Shuffle (50 secs), rest 10 secs
– KB Swings (50 secs), rest 10 secs


If you can’t make it to our Charity Boot Camp this morning, you can still get some fat-burning and lean-muscle-building this weekend, from anywhere.


And one more thing … while we’re talking about Mike’s programs, he has a brand new out I wanted to send a link your way to check out.

One of the big ideas is, with workouts like the one above, is dieting REALLY necessary to lose weight?

Pretty interesting.

Here’s a new article that sheds some light on the subject and will hopefully clear up some of the confusion surrounding this often controversial topic.

’till next time –

– Forest Vance

PS – You’ve gotta see the results from this 20-year long study. It explains A LOT.

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