Is it okay to wear gloves during kettlebell workouts?

A kettlebell basics newsletter reader asks:

Is it okay to wear gloves during kettlebell workouts?

My answer:

I do not recommend it.

Here are four reasons why:

1 – The gloves can keep the kettlebell from moving around the hand properly. Especially if you are doing higher-rep ballistic moves where the ’bell rotates around your hand multiple times—cleans, snatches, etc.—the gloves will really get in the way.

2 – If you DO try to attempt to use gloves and get into serious kettlebell training as described in reason 1, the gloves can actually “bunch up” and end up digging into your hands even MORE.

3 – Gloves can hinder the sensory connection from the hands to the brain. You won’t feel what the weight is doing and exactly what is happening during your workout, and it won’t be as good.

4 – They look kind of lame — so tough it out.


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