KB Boot Camp Workouts – Book 1 / Session 13: “The Terminator”

Are you looking for a reliable and organized kettlebell plan to use with your clients? Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts 2023 will save you both time and effort!

These done-for-you kettlebell workouts guarantee an efficient, well-structured class every single time.

I’ve also organized them so that even if you only have a limited number of kettlebells, you can still run an efficient workout. For example, take the sample workout below:


KB Boot Camp Workouts – Book 1 / Session 13: “The Terminator”

3 RDS, 1 min @ each station, 1 min rest b/w RDS

Tier 1

1 min KB complex: 3 KB press L/R – 8 goblet squat – 10 swings; repeat
1 min Burpees – step back/in no jump
1 min alternating reverse lunges bodyweight
1 min Jump jacks

Tier 2

1 min KB complex: 3 KB press L/R – 4 rack squat squat – 5 1 arm swing L/R; repeat
1 min Burpees
1 min Alternating KB reverse lunges
1 min Sprint or Jump jacks


Imagine having all of your kettlebell boot camp workouts for the next few months done-for-you and planned ahead of time. You’ll even have the exact warm ups, finishers, and recovery sequences to go along with the main sessions (these resources are included in the main program too.)

I also break the workouts down into “tiers” (as you see in the sample above), so that your more beginner folks AND your intermediate / advanced clients can train together in the same hour and everyone can get an exceptional workout, every time.

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-Forest Vance
Master of Human Movement
RKC – Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Owner, FVT Personal Training – Sacramento
Owner, FVT Personal Training – Kansas City
Owner, KettleBasics.net – Online KB Fat Loss Coaching for People Over 40

PS – I had a thought early this morning while I was driving to one of my studio locations to run a kettlebell boot camp session. While I am certainly confident in my ability to coach clients and lead kettlebell sessions, I don’t think that’s really my highest contribution at this point in time. I think my more “unique ability” nowadays, and what I try to focus on and spend most of my time doing, is building kettlebell-based group training businesses. So much of that is having a system where clients are going to get a great, effective workout every time – whether it’s me leading it, or any one of the nine trainers that we currently have on staff. What I’ve done is packaged up my workout system and made it available for YOU to download and plug into YOUR program, right away. Click below to learn more and get Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts – 2023 now at the link below:

–>> Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts 2023

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