Lose 12% in 12 Weeks with Kettlebells – Last Call

This is your last call for my “Lose 12% of your Bodyweight in 12 Weeks with Kettlebells” transformation program.

Check the document linked at the bottom of this email for more info and to sign up.

If you are aged 40 and up.. and if you are looking to rapidly lose body fat and gain new lean muscle using 3-4, 20-30 minute kettlebell workouts from home each week.. this program is designed specifically for you.

In case you missed any of the info I’ve shared on this program over the last couple of days, here is what you get with this program:

1 – The complete nutrition blueprint, customized to you

I have been working on these as they’ve been coming in over the last week. They are a LOT of work because the plans are customized to each person!… but that’s why they work, because I take YOUR specific calorie requirements, macro needs, food preferences, preferred meal timing, and much more, all into consideration.

Here is a sample of what one of these customized meal plans would look like: https://archive.aweber.com/awlist6203988/MFELs

2 – A full 12 weeks of daily kettlebell workouts

When you sign up, I give you a full 12 weeks of the exact kettlebell workouts to do to lose up to 12% of your bodyweight. All you have to do is log into my app, watch the quick video breaking down your workout for the day and/or read over the details, then mark “complete” when you’re done to keep you accountable and on track!

Plus, I’m always there if you need help with exercise subs, form tips, or anything else!

Here is a sample of what a workout in the program might look like: https://archive.aweber.com/awlist6203988/JALns

3 – Access to Saturday Kettlebell Strength Camp series (runs month of June and July 2024, Saturday mornings at 8 am CST) live, real-time kettlebell workouts with Forest and team (live or recorded)

This is a fun way to attend some live workouts with me and/or my team and keep you motivated and working towards your goals! Folks who are signing up for this program individually will be paying $99, you get it FREE as part of your registration.

4 – Physical copy of Forest’s CORE Kettlebell Challenge book shipped to you (free shipping within the continental US)

This is just an extra little freebie bonus as my way of saying thanks – this is a $25++ value when you factor in shipping, I’m picking up the tab for free when you sign up right now today.

Here are the rest of the details and the sign-up link for the Challenge: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14e6d7jog_1zaInM_X3Gt3xnV_Kb41qqr/view?usp=sharing

Questions? Concerns? Reply directly to this email and I’m happy to help.

Look forward to working with you on this!

-Forest @ KettlebellBasics

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