10 Minute Burpee + Kettlebell Swing Workout

Things can get crazy this time of year … and the efficiency of kettlebell training can be a life saver when you’re pressed for time! Here’s a two exercise workout that hits every major muscle group in your body, gets you some strength and conditioning work at the same time, and can be completed in about ten minutes start to finish. For detailed instruction on how to perform the routine and a quick demo of how to do each exercise, check out this video below:

Now, the video above is actually just part of a single workout from my 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge plan … but if you’re looking to use it as a complete workout, you could simply do as many rounds of the seven Burpees and 25 Kettlebell Swings as possible in ten minutes (make sure to include a quick kettlebell warm up first and static stretch at the end of the session).

Give this one a try for a quick total body smoker – and Happy Holidays to you!


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