How To Warm Up For Your Next Kettlebell Workout In 3 Minutes Or Less

A proper warm up can make all the difference in your kettlebell workout. It not only prepares your body physically for the punishment it’s about to receive, but it gets your mind right, too.

But what if you’re pressed for time? After all, I know a lot of you like kettlebell training because it’s so efficient – you can get a great workout with kettlebells in a really short amount of time. And when you’re in a hurry, often the warm up is the first thing you skip.

I recently found this YouTube video that provides a great solution: It’s a quick kettlebell warm up that takes about three minutes to do. It includes three exercises:

1. The Halo
2. The Slingshot
3. The Figure Eight

Check it out:

So next time you’re rushing to get your workout done, throw this kettlebell warm up in and get ready to go in about three minutes!

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6 thoughts on “How To Warm Up For Your Next Kettlebell Workout In 3 Minutes Or Less

  1. Grand post, don’t forget to warm up! It’s critical for having a great workout and also for injury prevention. I need reminding of this every time I train!

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