Modified Turkish Get Up (advanced variation)

In the video below, I break down an advanced/modified Turkish get up variation.

This is actually one of my favorite TGU “progressions” … it’s more challenging than the standard version of the exercise, and is a great way to work in the “same but different” programming approach we frequently speak about.

Watch the video to see this cool advanced Turkish get up variation -and to try it out for yourself:

(video recap)

Today I’ve got a cool Turkish get up variation for you.

What we’re going to do here (and I’ll demonstrate in just a second) is a Turkish get up with three presses during the movement.

I’m not exactly sure what this one is called. Some people call it a “three-headed dragon” … which is pretty cool 😉 … so we can call it that if you want.  I’ll just call it a Turkish get up with three presses in the movement.

Start on your side and get set up like you are doing your normal turkish get up. Pull the weight into the frame, press it up. Your first press is going to be from the ground. So right here your elbows are close to the body and your wrist is nice and straight.

Punch up, up to the hands for your second press. Make sure you come all the way down to your rack position and then press it over your head.

Now sweep the foot and come up to our lunge position. Do a press from here. Now stand up and reserve the motion, hitting your presses again on the way down.

That’s your movement! A modified Turkish get up with three presses.  Enjoy!

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