The Kettlebell Basics Quick Start Guide (100% free video series)

You want to learn the basics of safe and effective kettlebell training.

Or maybe you’re already training regularly with kettlebells, but you want to improve your form to get more out of your workouts and be safer at the same time.

This video series is for you.

I’ve gone through all of the hundreds of videos I’ve put up on the internet over the last few years, and organized the best ones on the basic kettlebell moves.

The BEST part is, they are totally, 100% free!  You don’t even have to opt-in to anything.  Think of this as an early Christmas gift 😉

What I would do is watch these videos several times each, take notes on them, and then actually practice the form tips and pointers that are suggested.  Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to mastering the basics of  safe and effective kettlebell training.

Also – since we ended up with over a dozen videos total, I have decided to break this in to two parts – today, we’re going to start with the three basic KB moves:

— the swing
— the Turkish get up
— the squat

And next time, we’ll go cover the clean, the press, and the snatch.

Let’s dive right in –


The Kettlebell Basics Video Series

1 – FVT Kettlebell Basics Workshop – the Swing (overview of the movement)

2 – The Towel Kettlebell Swing (corrective drill #1)

3 – How to Fix Kettlebell Lower Back Pain (training tip)

4 – The Turkish Get Up (broken down into steps) (overview of the movement)

5 – Kettlebell “Half” Turkish Get Up (great way to learn the exercise OR alternative to full get ups)

6 – Think You Know How to Squat? (overview of the kettlebell squat)

Enjoy those videos, hope they help.  Be back soon with part two.

– Forest


PS – This video series is the perfect compliment to the Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts program on sale this week from my good friend Georgette Pann. More details on that below:


My good friend Georgette Pann has her Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts program on sale this week, and I wanted to give you the heads up.

Georgette has put together 99 done-for-you kettlebell boot camp workouts – to be used in a fitness boot camp setting (if you are a trainer yourself), or for your own
personal workouts.

(You may recall that I partnered up with Georgette on this project last year … so actually, some of the workouts in the system, I put together myself …

Since then, as you probably know, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world, we are opening a new 5,000 sq foot gym facility at the end of this month, along with a couple dozen other things going on … so Georgette and I came to the agreement that she would take over the project from here on out.

She has added a few new things since, I have reviewed the new program, and it’s great. If you’re looking for TONS of new ideas for your kettlebell workouts and you don’t already have a copy, you should check it out.)

I’ll be hooking you up with some sample workout(s) and training tips etc from the program all this week … but wanted to get out a “heads up” email so you can grab these workouts and start using them right away.

Here are a few of the workouts that are included:

— Strength and Conditioning Workout
— Circuit Style Training
— Beach Body Arms Workout
— High Intensity Bodyweight Cardio
— Upper Body Attack
— Lower Body Annihilation
— Quick Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Workout
— Epic Challenge Workout
— Beat the Clock
— Metabolic Depletion
— Kettlebell Swing Workout
— The “I Can’t Feel My Hands” Workout
— Tabata Workout
— Get Smoked and Jacked
— Quadzilla Workout
— The “Go Heavy or Go Home” Workout
— The “Animals” Workout

Get all the details here:

=> 99 kettlebell boot camp workouts

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