The Side-Step Kettlebell Swing

Got a cool KB exercise to share with you today that you’ve probably never done before …

It’s called the “Side-Step Kettlebell Swing“.

This is an intermediate-to-advanced level move that offers many similar benefits to the standard swing – it develops power and explosiveness, will help you burn fat and take your conditioning to the next level, and much more … BUT it also adds in a little extra “twist” that makes it a fun variation to add to your KB workouts.

Here’s how to do it:

1 – Begin with the basic two-handed swing
2 – When the kettlebell is on its way down, put your right foot out and step to the right
3 – When the kettlebell is up, bring your left foot over to meet your right foot, so your feet are together
4 – Continue taking steps to the right as space allows, then change direction and side-step to the left for the same number of repetitions

And here’s what the exercise looks like:

Try that one during your kettlebell workout today, and let me know how it goes!

– Forest Vance
Level 2 Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor

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