KB Swing + Burpee Countdown Ladder Challenge

If I had 15 minutes, and I wanted to get a complete full body workout, and all I had was one kettlebell and a small space to do it, this would be one of my top workout choices.

It SEEMS super simple – and it IS! – but it’s also really tough, and really effective.

There are only two moves:

– two hand KB swings
– burpees

(Suggested weight for the swings is 32k for men, 20k for women)

What you do is this.

First, set a timer. You’re going to try and complete the entire workout as fast as you can.

Start with 10 KB swings. (The swings are on the side of lower reps, hence the higher recommended weights. If you are not ready for these, NO PROBLEM – but they are great goals to work towards!)

As soon as you are done, go right into 10 burpees.

Then, you’ll rest as needed, and do 9 swings.

Then you’ll do 9 burpees.

Then 8 swings.

Then 8 burpees.

And you’ll continue in this fashion until you’ve worked your way all the way down to 1 rep of each.


You just worked ALL the muscles in your body, you did it with a single kettlebell, and you did it in 20 minutes or less.

And now there’s just one thing left for you to do. Click here to access the complete Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0 training plan. But hurry, because it won’t be available for long!

To your success –

– Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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