Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle – Sample Workout

Today I want to hook you up with a sample workout from my new Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle program.

Although dozens of folks have already started on the program since we announced its release yesterday … it makes sense to get a feel for what the workouts you’ll be doing look like, before committing to doing it:


Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle – Sample Workout


Perform five reps of the “modified sumo” deadlift. (You could alternatively do a double KB sumo deadlift if you do not have access to a barbell).

BEGINNER LIFTERS – work on your form first and formost, don’t worry too much about weight just yet. GENERAL guideline – we typically load two bars when we do this movement w folks just starting out in our group classes @ FVT with 95 pounds (women) and 135 pounds (men). If you have a decent fitness base but little lifting experience, this is a good place to start.

INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED LIFTERS – work up your weight for each of the first two sets; last two sets should be performed at ~75-77% 1RM.

*Rest ~ 30 seconds, then:

Perform five reps of the double KB Press

(If you only have one kettlebell, do 5 reps per side)

*Rest ~60-90 seconds; repeat rotation three more times for a total of four rounds.

FINISHER – Perform three rounds of the circuit below, moving quickly from one exercise to the next and resting as little as possible:

– Split squat with single KB in goblet position – 10 reps per leg
– Hamstring fall out – 5
– Spiderman climb w push up – 10 reps PER SIDE –


Now in the full program, we give you recommended weights for each exercise, so that you have an idea where you should be, and where to start.

We also give you video demos, so that you know how to perform all of the exercises with safe and effective form.

But this sample should give you a great idea.


Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle is NOT complex – but that’s what makes it powerful.

Each exercise in every workout is chosen for a very specific reason – to move you towards your goal of getting stronger and more muscular, six weeks from now.

And it follows a specific progression … so each week builds on the last, and you are hitting very specific weights every time you work out, based on a percentage of your training goals for the end of the six weeks.

Learn more and get the full program at the link below:

=> Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle

Here’s to your training success!

– Forest Vance, MS
Master Kettlebell Trainer
Certified Barbell Instructor

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