15-minute “5-3-1” Bodyweight Time-Volume Workout

We have this program we run at our studio called “Lean and Jacked”. It’s a small group of men and women that I have worked with personally a few times per week for the last six or seven years. Our workouts typically would look like this:

1 – “Big” lift – squat, deadlift, or bench (we peak out two three times per year, and use simple periodization to just work towards getting everyone a little stronger each 12-16 week training cycle)

2 – MRT – mix of kettlebell and bodyweight movements typically; where we’re spiking the heart rate for a solid 20 minute bout, but using various weighted movements in specific sequences to do it

We’ve seen dozens and dozens of dramatic body transformations come out of this group.

If you are trying to get both lean and strong and athletic, and transform your physique, all at the same time, I truly think that training like this is THE best way to get it done.

For the last 10 weeks or so though (so crazy to write that, I can hardly believe it honestly), our physical gym location has been closed.

And these guys and gals still have the same goals.

They want to continue to build strength, while staying lean at the same time.

But they don’t have the same access to the heavy weights.

So we’ve had to adapt.

The workouts we’re doing – to stay strong and lean, at the same time – are looking a lot like this:


15-minute “5-3-1” Bodyweight Time-Volume Workout

from Time-Volume training, new program by Nick Nilsson

*Time-Volume Training is about intelligently using training volume to create overload in muscles. It doesn’t require heavy weight or a gym full of equipment to work. Instead of building muscle with training INTENSITY (i.e. lifting heavy weights to failure with just a few sets), we will build muscle via WORKLOAD (a.k.a. training volume).

The “TIME” part of Time-Volume Training refers to the block of time that you’re working the exercise/muscle group. The “VOLUME” part refers to the work you’re doing within that time block. This method uses basic physiological principles of adaptation to build muscle and strength.

15-minute “5-3-1” Bodyweight Time-Volume Workout

– 5 close grip push ups (beginner / intermediate) OR handstand push ups on wall (advanced)
– 3 assisted chin ups (beginner / intermediate) OR Tactical pull ups (advanced)
– 1 elevated pistol squat per leg (beginner / intermediate) OR regular pistol squat (advanced)

Set your timer for 15 minutes.

You’ll start off by taking no rest at all, moving directly from one exercise to the next.

Once you approach failure on one of the exercises, you’ll then start to take 10 seconds rest in between each exercise…then 20 seconds, etc. if needed.

Get as many rounds as you can in the 15 minute time block.

…and you are done!



My friend and colleague Nick Nilsson created this Time-Volume training program.

He has dozens and dozens more workouts just like this, put into a full program to get you amazing results.

And he’s got far more details and intricacies that make the program work.

But truly, I am 100% on board with the course.

It’s similar in style and philosophy to how I train my peeps.

And I can certainly tell you, the folks in my Lean and Jacked group are getting as good gains as ever.

Many are saying their body feels BETTER, because they’re taking a break from the heavy lifting.

And they are doing it all in their own homes, using minimal, or in some cases zero, equipment, using workouts like the one I outlined for you today.

If you want to get similar gains, check out the Time-Volume Training program at the link below:

=> Time-Volume Training

And here’s to your continued GAINZ!

– Forest Vance

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