KB STRONG – week 4 – Workout B

I am FINALLY back to doing a few “standard” push ups, from my toes.

It’s been almost a YEAR!

(I had surgery to repair a torn pec tendon last winter, and have been slowly rehabbing and building up the strength and range of motion over that time.)

The experience has been humbling, to say the least.

Lots of take-aways though to apply to working with clients!…

…specifically men and women in that 40+ age group.

The majority seem to be dealing with past injuries, pains, and other considerations.

What I’ve learned is that you CAN continue to make progress in the vast majority of cases.

But your workouts need to be specifically designed with these sorts of things in mind.

And you need some feedback, and to be able to ask questions around modifications and other things, to a qualified coach like me.Join our upcoming 28-day KB Challenge, and you WILL have direct access to me for questions, or anything else you need, in our private group…

=> “Fight Gone Bad” 28-day Challenge + Kettlebell Strong

…and you’ll get “done-for-you” workouts like the one below:

KB STRONG – week 4 – Workout B

(free bonus program included with our coming 28-day Challenge)


4 sets

8 reps (double) or 4 reps per side (single) – 8 to 16k – women; 12 to 24k+ – men

Rest AS NEEDED to lift max weight, between sets (90 secs +)


1 round, rest as little as possible:

– approx 200 yds – KB goblet carry – 16 to 20k (women); 20k to 24k(men)

– 15 ‘step-back’ burpees (beginnger)

– 10 ‘regular’ burpees (advanced)

– KB ground to overhead – SAME weight as carry – 15 – use pain-free range of motion!

– 15 ‘step-back’ burpees (beginnger)

– 10 ‘regular’ burpees (advanced)

– approx 200 yds

– KB goblet carry – 16 to 20k (women); 20k to 24k(men)

In short, if you’re dealing with injuries, aches, pains, and they seem to be getting in your way……STAY WITH IT!

And get the help from a qualified professional that you need.

Keep training hard, and talk soon

— Forest

PS – Join our upcoming KB Challenge here: https://bit.ly/kbfightgonebad3

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