(new video) Boost Your KB Pressing Strength with this Quick Trick

Are you stuck pressing the same kettlebell, and can’t seem to increase the weight?

I have a quick tip for you in today’s video that will help you get an extra rep or two on those hard sets, instantly… which might not seem like much, but done consistently, can add up to big time strength and muscle gains over time!

It’s often little tips and tricks like this that make all the difference, especially when you get to a certain point in your kettlebell training journey. That’s why if you’re not getting the results you want from all your hard work, it might not be your fault. You just don’t know exactly what you need to do.

I just had two spots open up in my “KB Fit Over 40” coaching program – so if you want me to not only 100% custom design a workout for you, but also to coach you and guide you and hold you accountable along the way, and give you tips and tricks like the one I shared today that are specific to YOU and YOUR exact situation, apply now at the link below before my client roster fills up again:

-> KB Fit Over 40 with Forest

To your success! –

-Forest Vance, Kettlebell Expert, Over 40 Training Specialist, KettlebellBasics.net

Watch the video here -> https://youtu.be/LQaI0SyL1Hk

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