Week 1 / Workout 1 – KB MRT Challenge 4.0

The KB MRT Challenge 4.0 is a high-intensity four-week workout program that uses kettlebells to improve fitness, strength, and endurance. 

Today’s sample workout consists of levels of increasing intensity, made up of five exercises that target different muscle groups. 

The exercises are designed to be completed as a EMOM format circuit, performing the listed number of reps, then resting until the next minute starts.

To sign up for this month’s kettlebell MRT Challenge, click here https://bit.ly/3O7vlgT 

-Forest and the Team at KettlebellBasics.net


Week 1 / Workout 1 – 28-day KB MRT Challenge 4.0

*See the full video breakdown for this workout when you sign up for the Challenge here

Set your timer for 60 second intervals. At the beginning of the first 60 second interval, perform the number of reps listed of the first exercise in the sequence. Your rest is the time from when you have completed all listed reps, until the next interval starts. Repeat for each exercise in the sequence. Rest for 60 seconds at the end of the sequence, repeat for three rounds total:

  • 5 cross-body mountain climber burpees
  • 10 one arm KB rows w/ 1 sec pause @ top per side
  • 15 triple stop push ups
  • 20 (10 per side) alternating reverse lunges – add weight if desired
  • 25 kettlebell swings

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