28-day Kettlebell Drop a Size QnA

I have been getting a lot of questions about the upcoming 28-day Kettlebell Drop a Size Challenge 3.0 that’s kicking off this coming Monday the 13th.

I am really excited to help people drop up to one clothes size over the next 28 days, while gaining muscle and reducing pain / injuries in the process!

Here are answers to a few of the questions, in case you’re thinking about signing up, but are still on the fence:

Q – I would like to purchase the 28 Day K bell challenge but wondered if there is s a hard start date or can I purchase and start whenever?

A – We do start as a group on Monday March 13th, but you’ll have lifetime access to the materials and you can start and do the workouts at any time.

Q – Just wondering if the 28 day program includes videos to follow along with?

A – The challenge does include a series of 12 full-length workout videos in follow along format!

Learn more and join us for the Challenge here:

–>> 28-day Drop a Size Challenge 3.0

Q – Not interested in a challenge, or losing weight, but would be interested in receiving the workouts you planned.

A – You can absolutely do the challenge and get great workouts and make amazing progress, even if your goal is not rapid fat loss!

Q – I spend time programming for our players. I’m looking for something where I do not have to spend (additional) time programming for myself. Especially KBs.

A – Yes – in the 28-day Challenge, all the programming is 100% done for you!… including exactly what to do every day for sets, reps, kettlebell exercises, etc. I have many trainers and coaches that follow my programming. There are also several additional bonus kettlebell plans that you get free on signing up!

Learn more and join us for the Challenge here:

–>> 28-day Drop a Size Challenge 3.0

If you have any questions about your specific situation, goals, or needs, respond directly to this message and I’ll do my best to help.

Look forward to working with you! –

-Forest and the FVT Team

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