Snatch / Burp / Squat KB Finisher + 4 min REGENERATE Sequence

November 17, 2017

Wow, we did a really killer finisher at the end of our workout this morning at FVT. You’ll need a partner for this one, and a snatch – size kettlebell. (Or, if you’re working by yourself, just set your timer, and rest an equal amount of time that it takes you to complete a round) [...]

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[new vid] Hollow Hold Progression

November 16, 2017

Many people make the mistake of attempting exercises that are too advanced, without first establishing a proper base of core strength. For most adults, building this foundation – as well as re-gaining lost mobility and flexibility – is the key to improved performance, moving better, reducing pain and feeling great! One fantastic drill that will [...]

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Best Stretch for Tight Hips?

November 11, 2017

Kettlebell lifting, and other hard training, can lead to tight hips. Spend the day sitting, and the problem quickly becomes worse. Enter the “Couch Stretch”. Dr. Kelly Starrett invented – or at least recently popularized – this awesome move. It’s one of the best stretches for tight hips. And maybe the best part – you [...]

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(6 min sample sequence) REGENERATE – Simple Recovery for Lifters and Athletes

November 6, 2017

If you are like me, you like to train hard. You push yourself to your limit, on a regular basis. But because of this, you also get sore, and even end up with tweaks and injuries from time to time. These nagging aches and pains and injuries get in the way of your workouts, and [...]

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KB Shred – Week 1 – Workout C

October 29, 2017

Try this workout from the KB Shred – 28 Day Challenge! (details below – we start tomorrow, but there are still a few hours left to apply) # KB Shred – Week 1 – Workout C Do the entire sequence below, as fast as possible: – 100 jump rope skips OR 100 jumping jacks – 20 2 [...]

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At-Home 25 Minute Single KB SHRED Workout

October 28, 2017

On weekends that I am home, I typically get a 20-30 minute kettlebell / bodyweight workout in my garage. The set up is super basic – a few KBs, a pull up bar, a jump rope, and a few resistance bands – But it’s amazing what you can get done with these simple pieces of [...]

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[new video] KB Hip Hinge – Easiest Way to Get it Right

October 23, 2017

Learning how to properly hinge at the hips is key to an effective, powerful, safe kettlebell swing. But a lot of our new clients have trouble with it at first. One of my favorite drills to teach the movement pattern is shown in today’s video. It only takes a few seconds, but it is very [...]

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Friday “No Guts – No Glory” KB / BW Conditioning Circuit

October 20, 2017

When I was a freshman in High School, we played our games on Thursday nights. (And we were undefeated! – Colfax High Freshman Team, 1995.) Then, on Fridays, we would have “conditioning” after practice – which was always some crazy amount of hill sprints or bear crawls or running around the track for 5 miles [...]

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Hill Sprints + Extreme Anabolic Kettlebell Program

October 18, 2017

++ I am giving away the Extreme Anabolic Kettlebell Program FREE – see the bottom of this message for details ++ Hill sprints are safer and easier on your body than standard sprints, they improve your running form, and they are amazing for burning a ton of fat in a short amount of time. We [...]

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[video] Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners – the Imaginary Swing

October 16, 2017

When we get new boot camp clients at FVT, one of our primary goals is to get them up to speed on their kettlebell swing form as fast as possible. (This is because it’s such a great exercise for burning fat and building world class conditioning, and we use it as a staple in our [...]

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