20 Minute KB Cardio Crusher

November 25, 2018

If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling a little bloated and sluggish need of some serious calorie burning after these last two days of feasting! .. .. here is a simple – but highly effective! – kettlebell workout you can do in about 20 minutes. It will burn a lot of calories, and fire up [...]

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(video) Kettlebell / Bodyweight Workout for Abs

November 20, 2018

Got a kettlebell and bodyweight abs workout for you today. You might not think that kettlebells work your abs. But after you do this cirucit, you might change your mind! Here’s what the workout looks like: # Kettlebell / Bodyweight Workout for Abs Do as many reps as you can of each exercise in 30 [...]

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Simple Squat / Hip Mobility Test (video; takes ~30 secs)

November 15, 2018

Got a simple squat test for you to take today. This will be a great indicator of your hip mobility, and ability to move well in general. You can do this RIGHT NOW. It will only take about 30 seconds. The results will be super powerful. So stop what you’re doing, and give it a [...]

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6 Minute Bodyweight “AfterBurn”

November 14, 2018

We did this 6 minute bodyweight finisher at the end of a boot camp at FVT a couple of days ago. It seems simple, but it’s tough! You can tack it on to the end of any kettlebell workout for a little extra conditioning work, and to crank up the AFTERBURN effect – you’ll be [...]

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[new video] Learn the Kettlebell Snatch

November 1, 2018

Today’s video was filmed at one of my recent Kettlebell Basics workshops. In it, you will learn the basics of the snatch, in about 3 minutes! First, watch the first 30 seconds of the video to see what the full movement looks like, to see what we are working towards: Then, we are going to [...]

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15 min single KB blast

October 29, 2018

Rod writes: “I squeeze my workouts in before work at 5am and they need to take around 15mins. I have been doing short sharp Kettlebell workouts for a while now and they work. I did your 16 min KB challenge workout you sent out not long ago. It was great and just the type of [...]

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[guest post] Kettlebell Workout for Women Over 40

October 25, 2018

Today’s article and workout is from Sarai White, coach at FVT Worldwide, and who you’ll be working with in Forever Strong – Elite Coaching for the 40+ Woman! # At this point, most of us have seen amazing examples of female athletes absolutely dominating. So it’s apparent that being a woman is not at all limiting, [...]

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16 Min Single KB Challenge Complex

October 21, 2018

Had such a fun time today at the 1 Year Anniversary Party for our Pocket / Greenhaven studio location! And I want to let you in on a little secret, that not many people know about. I have a library of around 20 of my all-time favorite training resources that I refer back to time [...]

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[KB STRONG] sample workout – week 1, day 1

September 27, 2018

So you want to get STRONG! But traditional weight lifting has taken a toll on your body. What used to be occasional tweaks that you could work through, are turning into more frequent injuries that stop you dead in your tracks … … and you’re looking for a solution. The KETTLEBELL STRONG – 6 week [...]

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“Kettlebell Strong” – 6 Week Intensive

September 25, 2018

January of 2019 will officially be TEN YEARS of FVT! Over that time, like any businesses, we’ve had ups and downs, successes and failures … but overall, we’re doing well. In 2018, we are on track for our best year yet. We are still helping people locally and around the world to change their lives [...]

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