German Volume Kettlebell Training

August 12, 2019

German Volume Training is a method that has been around for quite a while. It’s one of the most famous and most brutal protocols for gaining muscle. I remember doing it in my early 20′s. It was quite painful, but it worked big time for adding mass. It was 17 or 18 years ago and [...]

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KB Bootcamp Workout + Distance Coaching is LIVE

July 25, 2019

I led an early morning kettlebell bootcamp workout this morning at one of our studios. The house was packed, and it was so awesome to see people showing up to WORK at 6am to get it done. If you’re reading this message, chances are you’re doing your workouts at home … which is great too! (And I can [...]

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Kettlebell “CPO” Method

July 19, 2019

This week, a lot of people have been asking: “HOW are your clients getting such great results in 6 weeks with Kettlebell GAINZ?” It’s with what I call, the “Kettlebell CPO Method” (CPO stands for Creative Progressive Overload). You’ve probably heard the term, “Progressive Overload”. The Progressive Overload principle basically states that, in order for [...]

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(new video) 15 Min Kettlebell EMOM Workout

July 18, 2019

15 Minute Kettlebell EMOM Workout Perform prescribed number of reps at beginning of each minute. Rest period is the time you finish the exercise until the next minute interval starts. Go though sequence below 5 times for total workout time of 15 minutes. Minute 1: 20 2-handed kettlebell swings Minute 2: 15 push ups Minute [...]

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Single / Double KB Workout for GAINZ

July 15, 2019

I was talking with my wife this last weekend about the summer after our Senior year of High School. I just had my 20 year reunion a few weeks ago, and hers is coming up in the Fall. That’s how it came up if you are wondering, lol Anyway – that particular summer, I remember [...]

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“Break the Chains” 15 Min Bodyweight (and KB) AMRAP Workout

July 4, 2019

Bodyweight Training Fans Worldwide: Our famous 42 day Challenge is BACK! And we’re doing this one different than EVER before. See, it’s the time of year where you want to “Break the Chains” from the gym. You’re on the road, you’re getting outside, you’re on the go for the summer. But you still have goals! [...]

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7 Day KB Program for Beginners – Starts Tomorrow (sample workout inside)

June 30, 2019

Wow! Interest for our 7 day “Foundations” – Beginner kettlebell program is really strong. Did you reply back and get more info yet? Read today’s post, and if you are interested, hit me back and let me know! Cool thing is, we’ve done dozens of these Challenge / coaching programs since 2014. But this “Foundations” [...]

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“Garage Gym” KB/DB Complex Workout

June 22, 2019

Since we have been talking a lot about the upcoming Garage Gym Summit this week, I thought I would hook you up with a free sample workout! Now – during the summit, you are going to get dozens of free workouts that you can do in your garage (or back yard, or living room, or [...]

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Kettlebell Stadium Workout

June 19, 2019

No Gym? No Excuse! Take advantage of the great weather, and get outside. All you need for this workout is a flight of stairs and a kettlebell. More than likely, you have a set of stairs close to you that you can utilize for this really great workout. I do it at at local community [...]

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Father’s Day 10 Min KB Workout

June 17, 2019

Happy Father’s Day! When you become a dad, your priorities tend to shift. It’s highly unlikely that you still have time for long gym sessions (that you used to take for granted before you had kids!) But you still want to get – or stay – in top shape. Becuase you know that health is [...]

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