[sample 28 Day Challenge KB workout] EMOM + RAT Strength Day

November 22, 2019

Check out this sample workout from our upcoming 28-day Kettlebell EMOM Challenge! [sample 28 Day Challenge KB workout] EMOM + RAT Strength Day EMOM + RAT = Every Minute On the Minute + Remaining Amount of Time EMOM = At the top of each minute you will complete the reps of the first exercise listed. [...]

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“Muscle Confusion” Doesn’t Work. Here’s What to Do Instead.

November 9, 2019

“Muscle Confusion” is the idea that you need to change up your workouts, to somehow confuse your muscles, and make sure your body doesn’t adapt to doing the same thing. Newsflash: “Muscle Confusion” is not a scientific term. It’s a marketing ploy. Your muscles don’t get confused. And your body doesn’t adapt to doing the [...]

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Sample HKS (Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle) Workout

November 6, 2019

Let’s get you going today with a sample workout from my Hybrid Kettlebell Muscle program. This program is specifically created for you if: – You want to really focus on getting strong – You want to learn how to properly incorporate serious strength work with kettlebell training – You want to get muscular, lean, and [...]

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(pic) Meet Bob: the RIGHT Way to Gain Strength Over 40

November 5, 2019

Meet Bob. Bob is 55 years old. Bob has not only lost over 40 pounds, but he has made some tremendous strength gains. He went from doing 1 pull up to 12. He increased his deadlift from 185 to 325. And MUCH more. He used a training program very similar to the one linked below, [...]

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20 Minute Halloween Kettlebell Workout

November 1, 2019

How was your Halloween? I went trick-or-treating with my wife, our two daughters, and a couple of other families in our neighborhood. It was a lot of fun. And I got an extra cardio workout trying to keep up with them, lol! I know it’s technically a day late, but check out this 20 Minute Halloween Kettlebell [...]

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New 18 Min Kettlebell EMOM

October 24, 2019

We are in the process of programming new kettlebell workouts for our upcoming 28 Day “1000″ Kettlebell Challenge. I was chatting with one of our veteran trainers yesterday on the overall strategy and kind of what we’re looking at from a big picture perspective, to be getting people the best possible fat loss, lean muscle, [...]

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1000 Kettlebell Challenge Workout

October 21, 2019

Quick-hitting kettlebell workouts rock. They are great for building all-around health and fitness. Whether your goals are losing fat, gaining lean muscle, or improving performance for sports you enjoy, they deliver. And maybe one of the best parts is that you can do them any time, any place, in a short amount of time. If [...]

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New Video: HardStyle Kettlebell Swing Variations

October 11, 2019

In today’s video, I walk you through some variations of the HardStyle Kettlebell Swing. HardStyle Kettlebell Swing Variation #1: the One Hand Swing Body mechanics here should be very similar to the two hand swing. It’s almost like you’re doing the two hand swing, and you’re just removing one hand from the kettlebell. One thing [...]

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Kettlebell Strength Test (300 rep workout inside)

October 10, 2019

For those looking to test their strength, kettlebell form, mental capacity, and lungs, I dare you to take this test: => 300 Kettlebell Challenge You do a strength (and overall fitness) test at the beginning of the 42 day program – a 300 rep kettlebell workout. It gives you a great, measureable starting point for [...]

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The 300 Kettlebell Workout

October 7, 2019

Want Hollywood muscle? Try today’s 300 kettlebell workout. You see, the ORIGINAL 300-rep Spartan workout was used by the cast of the movie, and was one of the things that produced some pretty amazing body transformations for the cast members. Here’s what it looked like: 25 pull-ups 50 deadlifts at 135 pounds 50 push-ups 50 [...]

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